Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Eat A Meal, Spread Some Kindness!

Tomorrow,  Tuesday, November 17, is the big day to eat out at Joe’s Dining! Joe’s Dining will contribute 20% of the cost of your meal to the nonprofit Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding.

By my conservative guesstimation, over 1,500 of you reading this missive live in the Santa Fe/Northern New Mexico area. Let’s say one-fourth of you saddle on up to Joe’s Dining tomorrow.  (The other three-fourths of you better have a good excuse.) The money Joe’s Dining will contribute to Listening Horse will buy a whole bunch of apples and grain and whatever else Listening Horse needs to care for the sweet horses who are the heart of their program.

So, eat a meal. Spread some kindness. See you there.

Listening Horse Fundraiser


Save the date! On Tuesday, November 17, Joe's Dining will contribute 20% of the cost of your meal to the amazing nonprofit Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding. All you need to do is eat! So saddle on up to Joe's Dining, put on the feed bag (I couldn't … [Continue reading]

Story Telling 101 This Saturday!

Story Telling Flyer

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Santa Fe in Autumn

farmers' bounty fall 2015

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Story Telling Flyer

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