Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

It Snowed Last Night

It snowed last night, and for just a bit of time, before the dirt and the slush and the traffic, the world was transformed.

Quan Yin

Canyon Road #1

Canyon Road #2

Canyon Road #3

Mardi Gras Parrot




Modern General


In the not too distant past, the world offered fewer choices, but people took their allegiance to one product or service over another very, very seriously.  For example, your family was either aligned with Ford or Chevy, Coke or Pepsi, cornflakes or … [Continue reading]

36 Hours in Santa Fe


  Last Sunday's New York Times ran 36 Hours in Santa Fe. Fine picks but the usual suspects. Here are a few suggestions from a local that may not pop up in the guide books. And locals, feel free to let me know your suggestions. 1.  Go … [Continue reading]

Fall Is Here


Bring on the parade of funky looking vegetables, cool nights and vegetable soup prepared with the last of the fresh basil and thyme, monster zucchini, tomatoes, corn, a smidge of red dried chile and a carrot, if you dare. (Carrot provided courtesy … [Continue reading]

Indian Market Week in Santa Fe


A reader asked me when Indian Market is held. Perfect timing. Welcome to Indian Market week in Santa Fe,  when life hits its yearly loud, crowded, colorful and even fragrant crescendo. The Opera is presenting "Carmen."  The Santa Fe Bandstand on … [Continue reading]