Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Antiques+Interiors on Grant

Antiques+Interiors on Grant, located in the historic Hovey House  at 136 Grant Avenue, has gathered together in one spot some of the most popular antiques dealers in Santa Fe and a few new ones who will soon gain that title. As a seasoned antiquer and lover of beautiful objects, I could not be more pleased to find 14 dealers under one roof.

Each of  the 10 rooms and free standing cases reflects the particular passions and discerning eye of  the dealer, yet the rooms somehow manage to flow seamlessly from European antiques to Americana textiles and furniture to eclectic contemporary to industrial to antique Native American jewelry and rugs to antiques of the Americas to cowboy and cowgirl treasures to modern paintings. What Santa Fe has here is a 3,000 square foot house of treasures.

The Hovey House itself is a treasure. The adobe house was built in the 1850′s. At some point in the late 1800′s the house was “Victorianized.” A porch or portal was added and, to reflect the trend  of the day, a brick pattern was painted on the adobe exterior walls. Look closely at this fuzzy photograph I took. You are not looking at a brick house. You are looking at an adobe house painted to look like it is a brick house. Those clever Victorians.

Antiques+Interiors on Grant opened in early June, but the Grand Opening Party will be held this Saturday, August 11, from 4-7pm. They are located next door to the Andrew Smith Gallery and  about 3 or 4 blocks from the Plaza. Normal hours are Monday -Saturday from 10am-5pm. For further information call 983-0075.

We can thank these people for showcasing their collections so that we may bring a bit of the beauty and whimsy of the past home with us: Julie Vaughan – Sparrow Antiques; Jonathan Parks -Homestyle by J P Fabric Man; Gloria List; Omer Claiborne-Claiborne Galleries; Dana Waldon-The Scout Collection; Melissa Delano; items from the Estate of Teal McKibben; Jim Godman and Theresa Bohn-House of Ancestors Antiques; Anna Heiniger-The Standard Art &Antiques Co.; Patricia von Buelow-REZidDENZIA; Anthony Whitman-Provenance; Lana Straight-Lana’s House; Eric Erdoes and Lane Coulter and Jane Brooks.


  1. “Those clever Victorians.” Too true, Susan! Enjoying your blog.

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