Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Chile Roasting Time!

I lied. In an earlier post I said I would write one post and one post only on chiles.  I thought writing too many articles on chiles might lead to articles on brightly painted coyotes or broom skirts or five squash blossom necklaces worn at the same time. But I made that statement in the abstract. As I walked toward the Farmers’ Market today I smelled it first. Could it be? Is it time? Woohoo! It’s chile roasting time!

Romero Farms (505.579.0071) has many varieties. These are Joe Parker $4/lb. Just perfect.

These are Joe Parker chiles roasted. Take home several bags at $6/bag.

Freeze a few for a taste of summer this winter. Ah, chile roasting time in NM.

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