Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Old Trucks

Men and women alike in New Mexico love old trucks, so much so that we  place them on a pedestal and decorate them with flower pots. This a 1941 1/2 ton delivery truck similar to those used to secretly deliver materials arriving by train in Santa Fe for the building of the atomic bomb in Los Alamos during the last two years of World War II, or at least that is what the sign says.

Sometimes the old trucks themselves end up one big flower pot.







Other trucks are used for every day errands. This truck is waiting for its owner to buy coffee. The owner says the truck has appeared in several movies.





This truck is used to deliver fire wood.

There is a saying here that people arrive in Santa Fe with a truck full of money, but end up hitching a ride back home because they lost all their money and had to sell the truck. I hope that is not the reason Santa Fe has so many old trucks. Maybe it’s just because trucks don’t rust out here. Let’s be optimistic today.

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