Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Something Different for Breakfast

A reader asks, “What do restaurants offer for breakfast in Santa Fe that is different from the usual fare in the east?” I say get thee to Harry’s Roadhouse!  I offer the following primer on local breakfasts based on Harry’s menu.

I will start with migas because they make me happy. Migas are cheese scrambled eggs with onion, green peppers, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and…wait for it…strips of tortilla chips. In sum, migas are spicy cheese scrambled eggs with salty bits of corn chips. Whoever created migas gets a head start to heaven.

Breakfast burritos are a staple out here. Many times they are hand held.  Place scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes or black beans, bacon if you are a carnivore, and chile in the middle of a warm tortilla and roll up the sides. Personally I think the best time to eat a breakfast burrito is as a passenger on a road trip to Taos in late September or early October  when the leaves are changing.

Huevos rancheros consist of a tortilla topped with eggs to order topped with chile sauce. I almost ended the description there which I am afraid would suggest I am not that thrilled with huevos rancheros. Really, they can be tasty. I do have a problem when people order the eggs over easy. I am sorry, but  the sight of the oozy yellow egg yolk combined with the red chile sauce brings forth a visual ick in me. Your reaction may differ.

Next up are Harry’s “Traditional Mexican Chilaquiles.” These are made with tomatillo (related to a green tomato, the size of a red cherry tomato)  salsa, Queso Asadero (a mild cheese) and Cotija (a crumbly hard cow’s cheese), with eggs to order and black beans. I have never tried this dish, but since it may also have some of my favorite strips of tortillas,  I probably should.

Last but not least, blue cornmeal waffles with honey butter are worth the exercise to follow.

Harry’s is open 7 days a week. The interior is rambling and fun funky. The patio is lovely. Check out Harry’s website for details or call 505.989.4629.

fn   Spell check nearly lost its mind checking the spelling on this one.

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