Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Thank God for Mississippi

Unfortunately, New Mexico shows up at the wrong end of  many of the “best” and “worst” lists ranking states on issues like child well-being, poverty, injury-related deaths and, I am afraid, others.  It is a terrible state of affairs. We hate it, and things must change. Often, though, we are saved from the ultimate humiliation and can therefore hold on to a shred of pride by one thing…the State of Mississippi.

Over and over again what cushions New Mexico’s ultimate fall from grace is more often than not the more pitiful situation of  Mississippi. It happens so often that a few years ago a state legislator proposed, semi in jest and I suspect late in the evening, that we change the tag line on our license plates from “Land of Enchantment” to “Thank God for Mississippi!” “Thank God for Mississippi!” is our rallying cry. We may be doing poorly on some issues, but by God Mississippi is doing worse.

As a result, whenever the latest ranking of the states is published, I automatically check to see where Mississippi falls on the list. Can our pride be saved again? Can we hold our heads up even just a little?

And so it was yesterday when I read the enticing headline in the New Mexican, “Firm rates N.M. 2nd on list of clumsy iPhone users.” The article begins: “New Mexico has shown up near the top of another list.” It seems the company providing the warranty coverage on your iPhone reviewed the claims filed by over 125,000 owners alleging “accidental damage from handling the devices.” The next line said it all: “New Mexico ranked second, right behind Mississippi.” Woohoo!

Apparently we are clumsy, but Mississipians are clumsier. The article states that between 30-35% of New Mexicans owning iPhones will report they have damaged them in the next two years. Usually we drop them, and often we drop them in water—toilets, pools, coffee, and rain. Let me just point out we are in a drought.

The company also announced the list of clumsiest iPad owners. On that one, Nebraska can thank God for Mississippi. New Mexico escaped the top 5.


  1. Bill West says:

    While it seems worthwhile to point out how badly the state of NM places on the lists of “worse except for” aren’t there some links available our citizens may use to get active in improving our sad state of affairs? I would welcome the opportunity to volunteer my time in helping to set a few things straight.


    • Susan Tungate says:

      Wonderful. I am sure you know this, but I think one of the best ways to offer your service as a volunteer is to decide what issue or issues is of most concern to you. Worried about the problem with animal neglect? Volunteer at the SF Humane Society to socialize or walk the dogs so they are more adoptable.Want the hungry to be fed? Check out the Food Depot. The high rate of sexual assault? The Rape Crisis Center. Also, in the Sunday paper there is a section called People Helping People asking for volunteers. Want to change the laws? Contact your state Representative or Senator. You might also check these sites for nonprofits in SF: http://www.santafechamber.com/nonprofit-organizations; http://www.nonprofitlist.org/NM/Santa_Fe.html
      Thank you for your service. Susan

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