Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

A Harvest Celebration at Tiwa Kitchen

Po’Pay Society Directors

Fall in New Mexico is my favorite season. The aspen trees burst with yellow leaves along the highway to the north. The air is crisp and chilled in the morning. The chile roasters run overtime. Fall is also the season of special regional festivals and art tours which foster community and camaraderie. This Saturday, September 29, from 3pm to 5pm, you have the chance to combine the beautiful drive to Taos with one such event, The Harvest Celebration sponsored by the Po’Pay Society. What is the Po’Pay Society and why should you support their efforts? I will tell you.

In 2009, musician Robert Mirabal and Nelson Zink founded Tiwa Farms, an organization promoting agriculture at Taos Pueblo. In 2012, Tiwa Farms morphed into a new nonprofit organization, the Po’Pay Society. The Society is dedicated to the memory of Po’Pay, who was the leader of the Pueblo Rebellion of 1680 and champion of the Pueblo way of life.

The focus of the Society is on Pueblo agriculture. This year it plowed and planted 25 corn fields at Taos Pueblo with heritage seeds. The Society also aims to engage the youth of the Taos Pueblo in traditional farming practices.

You, dear readers, are invited to join the Po’Pay Society at Tiwa Kitchen, located on 328 Veteran’s Highway which is the road out to the Taos Pueblo, for traditional food, a report on Po’Pay Society activities, and the release of Po’Pay Speaks, a CD recording of Robert Mirabal’s dramatic monologue.

This is a special event supporting an important purpose. Now you know what I will be doing this Saturday afternoon. Hope to see you there.

Directors appearing in the photograph: Nelson Zink ,Henry Lujan, Chelona Edgerly, and Stephen Parks.

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