Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats

Georgia the Dog's Tips

Georgia the Dog here. I have been quiet way too long and not, I may add, by my own choice. Seems my person could not figure out how technically to create a new column under my photo. Last night I saw her pour red liquid into a glass and mumble to herself, “I can do this, I can do this, I have a law degree, I can do this,” so maybe there is hope.

And just in the nick of time because I am hot under my little collar. Seems some fool has released a video which he believes proves cats are smarter than dogs. (If you feel the need to  view this propaganda, click here.) Seriously? Are you kidding me? I live with a cat named Harry. See Exhibit A below.

Harry the Horrible

Does he look like the brightest penny in the jar? Quite frankly, I am embarrassed for him. He hangs out in boxes, he sleeps all day on a poll, and he goes to bathroom in a box in our house.

Harry the Pole Sitter

I, on the other hand, wear beautiful clothes, go shopping with my person, walk all over town to receive the praise of my adoring fans, and have my hair cut and blow dried several times a year.

Beautiful GA

I also stand guard to protect my person and the house.

GA the Hero

And then there’s this, dear reader: Let me gently remind you that you are at this very moment sitting there reading a column titled “Georgia the Dog’s Tips,” not “Harry the Cat’s Tips.” Why? Because Harry, he’s got nothin’! 

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