Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Viva Fiesta! Part I


©Catherine Trapani

This is Fiesta weekend. From last Friday until this evening, we have two parades, religious processions, food and music on the Plaza, Queen of the Fiesta with her Princesses and Don Diego De Vargas in full costume. And who is he? In the late 1600s when De Vargas was planning the reoccupation of Santa Fe from the Pueblo Indians who had taken the town in a bloody revolt, De Vargas prayed to La Conquistadora, a 29″ wood carved Madonna sculpture, asking her for support. When he took back the town in 1693, he gave Madonna full credit. In 1712 the governor issued a proclamation calling for the first Fiesta de Santa Fe. Santa Fe has held the Fiesta ever since.

Desfile de Los Niños, the Pet Parade, was held Saturday. The Pet Parade has been a tradition since the 1920s.  As thousands of people cheer along the streets, about 1,500 kids in great costumes walk around the parade route holding, walking or pulling their costumed dogs, chickens, snakes, bunnies, you name it. The adults, who are ostensibly in the parade to chaperone the kids, have an excuse to act like kids for a few hours, too. Then everyone goes to the Plaza to eat, chat and listen to music.

La Reina in Training

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