Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Autumn on Canyon Road

Santa Fe is either the second or third largest art market in the United States, depending on the latest poll and who polled. Without question, Canyon Road, with its historic adobe architecture, historic homes, and views of the mountains, provides one of the most beautiful settings in the world to peruse over 100 galleries and unique shops. If you do not appreciate art, go anyway. You will enjoy the scenery, and it is a painless way to get a little exercise to walk off the breakfast burritos.

You will find a wide range of art, including Native American, contemporary, early 20th Century, traditional representations, and, I have to say, a few pieces which I think you could probably skip and head for coffee, tea or a meal at one of the great restaurants, but taste is subjective.

Any season is lovely for a walk on Canyon Road, but autumn and winter right after a light snow are my favorite times. Recently photographer Ann Murdy enjoyed a walk down Canyon Road with her camera on a crisp fall morning, just to let you see a few of the galleries and the sculptures sitting outside. Add the sound of crunching leaves and you are there.

FOOTNOTE: I had to remove Ann’s photos given the fact people have been lifting them in violation of her copyright.


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