Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

The Tree and Me

Yesterday I saw this tree on the way home. Right before my eyes I saw a visual representation of change: the transition from summer to autumn.

Thankfully unlike the tree, the majority of us don’t face a big transition every four months or so. We often live our lives for years pretty much in the same pattern: we go to work at the same job day after day, we live with the same spouse or partner, we raise our children, we live in the same town. Then, what often feels like out of nowhere, a piece of our lives shifts, and the pattern of our lives crumbles: you lose your job, begin a new one or retire; your business falters; your spouse or partner says it’s over; the kids grow up and leave home; you must move to a new town to take care of a parent or a parent moves in with you; you or a loved one face illness; a loved one dies. Something happens. You have no choice but to transform your life. You do have a choice how you transform your life.

I wrote a piece on transformation which was accepted for publication on Maria Shriver’s web site. It was posted this week. They named it “Living A Fulfilling Life.” It is an edited, truncated version of a few of my more Biblical in scale transformations. I am in the midst of one of them now. I am hopeful I am at least as far along as that tree.

You can find the piece by clicking here: http://mariashriver.com/blog/2012/10/living-a-fulfilling-life-susan-tungate

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