Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Tinker Tantrum?

Late yesterday afternoon, I pulled into the grocery store parking lot and saw this little mode of transportation. I ended up parking several rows away, but ran back to take a few photos of the thing marked Tinker Tantrum just so you could see it. The photos are lousy, but with good reason. First, I took these photos with my cell phone while holding my purse and my reusable grocery bag. Second, I embarrass easily and wanted to take the photos as fast as possible without being noticed.

What you cannot see is that the Tinker Tantrum has pedals. Now focus on how low to the ground this thing sits. The entire thing is no higher than the bicycle tire you see in the background.  I should also explain that this grocery store is off Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe, a very busy street.

As I was leaving the parking lot, I saw a tall woman wearing a helmet fold herself into this. This presumably otherwise intelligent woman was about to pedal around on one of Santa Fe’s busiest streets, four inches off the ground while sitting no higher than the tire rims of the adjacent SUV’s and big damn Ford Tundra’s. And we have serious drunk driver issues here.

So here is the question: Do you people who live in the real world have these Tinker Tantrums or is this just another piece of  The City Different bizarreness?


  1. catherine t. says:

    i could see this in seattle… but that might just make it even weirder. (more weird?) btw- the seattle one would also have the raccoon tail. i just know it would.

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