Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Escargot to Go!

Two seemingly unrelated obsessions: Since I was a kid I have loved Airstream trailers. The sleek lines and shining silver just spark my imagination. In fact, a dream I am fairly certain I will never realize is renovating a small circa 1960′s Airstream, furnishing it like a gypsy wagon, and traveling all over the US with friends, Georgia the Dog and Harry the Cat. I am also a devoted lover of all things French.

So imagine my great joy when one day those two obsessions collided in the most delightful way. I turned off Paseo de Peralta onto Old Santa Fe Trail and spied what could only be a mirage in an otherwise empty gravel parking lot: a renovated 1960′s Airstream wearing a sign proclaiming Le Pod “curbside cuisine.” Quelle merveilleuse idée! C’est magnifique!

In that small perfect space, Chef Jean-Luc Salles creates French delights from escargot to Frog Dogs (hot dogs on a baguette) to scalloped potatoes oozing with cheese to crepes. He makes a luscious vegetarian sandwich of flavorful goat cheese, grilled mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and sautéed spinach on a crunchy baguette.

Not only has Chef Salles enriched our lives with his food, but he is also generous with his time in supporting local nonprofits. Bordeaux’s loss is Santa Fe’s gain.

If you are on overload with burritos, go cleanse your pallet at Le Pod. Go in any event.

Open Monday-Friday from 11a-4p. Check out the Le Pod website for photos that do the place justice and further information.

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