Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Your Memoir: One Vivid Story at a Time

You have a story to tell. Regardless of whether you have lived your life quietly in a small town or on a more public stage, memoir writing offers you the opportunity to observe the past with fresh eyes, find a deeper understanding of the meaning of the events of your life, and preserve your stories for generations to come. And here is the bonus: When you are open to telling your individual stories in the most authentic, truth seeking way, you will touch the universal truths that have the power to transform both you and the reader.

I wanted to let you know that I work with clients to produce their memoirs, personal histories, family histories and life stories from recorded interviews. During our interviews I ask questions and guide my clients to tell me their life stories, one vivid story at a time. I then edit our transcribed interviews to create a story well told.

My storytellers are everyday people who may have fought in wars, worked hard to build their careers or businesses, smashed glass ceilings, raised a family, traveled, faced setbacks and rebounded, learned to play an instrument or ride a horse or follow a passion in their second or third act, and served their community. Everyone has a life that should be celebrated.

Whether for a family, an individual, a town, or a business or to commemorate a coming of age ceremony, a marriage or partnership, the passing of a loved one or a beloved pet, each project is produced with sensitivity, creativity and attention to detail. The final product  may include a bound book with photographs, genealogy, documents, recipes and memorabilia. I can also help you produce a short documentary film. In whatever form, the memories are preserved for you and your family.

I will travel to work with you. It is also possible to work together via telephone and Skype.

I personally understand the powerful process of memoir writing. Currently, I am completing my own memoir Macon: A Memoir, A Murder. I can tell you that the process of writing this book has been a rich, life changing experience for me, offering me a different, deeper understanding of certain people and events as well as myself.

It would be my honor to help you share and preserve your  life stories or the stories of a friend or family member. Don’t be daunted. You will enjoy the process as you tell me the stories of your life, one vivid story at a time.  For further information, please contact me using the email address provided in Contact Susan.

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