Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

My General Schwarzkopf Story

At the end of May 1991, sometime after the first Gulf War, I spent a long weekend vacation in New Mexico, traveling from my home in Atlanta where I worked for CNN. I had no agenda. I meandered. On the High Road to Taos I saw a sign that said something like “Oviedo Carvings & Bronze.” I turned right and up the hill.

There I met Marco Oviedo. After I admired his beautiful carvings, he introduced me to his enormous Andalucian Mammoth Jacks. At that moment I knew what had to be done when I returned home. It was my mission to let General Schwarzkopf know what I had discovered in the mountains of New Mexico. This is the letter I wrote to the General, who I heard had a great sense of humor:

This is the letter the General wrote to me in response:

As it turns out, the General traveled to New Mexico on vacation where he met both Marco and his namesake Stormy Norman. Marco said they had a great chat. The General much admired Stormy. Marco explained to the General that Stormy’s main job these days was providing stud service. In a spur of the moment decision and in tribute to the General, Marco vowed to contribute a percentage of Stormy’s next stud fee to the General’s favorite charity. And he did.

Rest in peace, General.

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