Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

New Year’s Resolution: Be More Like A Dog

Happy New Year! Georgia the Dog here with a tip for 2013. Be more like me!

When my person walks in the door, my eyes light up, my entire body wags, I run around in circles, and stand on my back legs flapping my paws which cracks her up. In short, I let her know I am so very happy to see her.

At dinner time, I sit right there behind her and smile and wag my tail in appreciation for the food she is preparing for me, unless I see her place vegetables in my bowl, in which case I still smile.

If my person looks a little sad, I jump up on her lap, put both paws on her shoulders and lick her face like she is a piece of chicken. Other times I just give her that adoring look. You know the look, like the one Nancy Reagan gave to Ronald.

In the winter if my person looks cold, I snuggle up and put my little heater body right next to hers. I don’t ask her if she needs a blanket, I just give her one.

And after I see her eyes open in the morning, I place my head on her chest and wag my tail in 360 degree circles. Other times I roll on my back and wiggle while making snorting noises.  It’s very important to start the day with a smile.

I may not have opposable thumbs, which I can imagine would come in very handy, but I do know how to give unconditional love every day in copious amounts.  Be more like me, Georgia the Dog, in 2013. I promise you the world will be a better place.

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