Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Snow Poems Project

A candle burns
upside down
break: light turns.
by Lauren Whitehurst

Months ago, I noticed a poem pop up on the window of a local coffee shop. The poem is stenciled in temporary spray snow. Then another one popped up on yet another business. And another one. And another one, all over Santa Fe.   I got curious. 

Seems “Snow Poem 2013 in Santa Fe” is a community art project sponsored by Cut+Paste and the Santa Fe Art Institute. These are original poems written by locals in Snow Poems workshops, in schools, and from open submissions to the Snow Poems website.

Today, February 22, is the closing ceremony for the project called Night of Illumination. The event, from 6-8 P.M. at the Santa Fe Community Gallery on 201 W. Marcy Street, will include walking tours, refreshments and Snow Poem Hear Here Choir with Molly Sturges.

“The poems will be washed away as light begins to signal spring at the end of February,” according to the brochure. We are approaching the end of February, so go to the website www.snowpoemsproject.com, copy the map and wander around Santa Fe to enjoy the poems written by Santa Feans for your enjoyment.

Floating from
the heavens
wildly dancing ’round.
by Mateo Martinez

are the morals
of the feud.
by Jesse Wood


This is the day that decides by itself to be beautiful.
The field is a bride. How are we to say goodbye?
by Henry Shukman

Slurp in a heart of foam.
by Teresita Gonzales

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