Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

The Zen of Baseball, White Pants and A Worm

Slugger Ben

Big day yesterday for my great-nephew Ben. Time to put on the new uniform, complete with team shirt and pants too big for his skinny little self, and play ball. Saturday was the first game of the season. Actually, it was Ben’s first game, period.

Evidently practice at this point has more to do with teaching the kids to run to first base if per chance they hit the ball. At practice, the kids hit the ball off the tee and the coach runs along with them to first base where another person is waiting to give the kids a high five. This is zen beginner’s mind for real.

The highlight of yesterday at the ball field was finding the team worm. Everyone paused to give the mascot a  thorough inspection.


The Worm

Then the game was rained out and everyone went home, pants still white.

I asked Ben’s mother if he was disappointed the game was a wash out. “No! He just had fun being out there and running around for a few minutes.”

“Baseball was made for kids, and grownups only screw it up.”  (Bob Lemon)  I hope Ben always finds the wonder in the worm.


  1. Louise Magera says:

    What great fun to be a little boy playing baseball.

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