Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Memoir Writing Classes for March, April: It’s Promo Time!


You have a story to tell. Whether you have lived your life quietly or on a more public stage, memoir writing offers you the opportunity to observe the past with fresh eyes, reflect on the major events of your life and your life’s purpose, clarify your future path and preserve your unique stories. Here is the bonus: When you are open to telling your individual stories in the most authentic, truth seeking way, you will touch the universal truths that have the power to transform both you and the reader.

So often people feel called to write their life stories but have no idea how to begin. Let me be your guide:

  • With compassion and humor, I will demystify the process of memoir writing.
  • Through writing exercises and discussion, I will provide the simple tools you need to capture the stories of your life, one small vivid story at a time.
  • While the classes are specifically structured to teach memoir writing, participants will gain helpful information for writing informal family histories as well.
  • Both beginning and seasoned writers are welcome.
  • A sense of humor is mandatory.

This is a gift to yourself, an opportunity to get in touch with your purpose, your story.  The classes will offer you a sense of inquiry and focus.

“Susan is a storyteller of unparalleled substance. She will help you find the unique threads of your life and teach you how to weave them into a beautiful tapestry. You will not be disappointed.”  Elizabeth  M.

“Susan’s class really turned me loose!” Susan M.

For information about new workshops in March and April, please email me at susan@susantungate.com. 

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