Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Harry’s Revenge: Ode to Georgia


Harry the Humble

Hi, Harry the Cat here. I am taking command of Georgia the Dog’s column while she and our person are on a walk. I am outraged at Georgia’s unwarranted and vitriolic attack on my character in yesterday’s column. I must respond to her spurious comments.


Obsequious Georgia

Since I was adopted I have made every effort to be kind to Georgia, playful yet respectful and basically a good brother to her. How does she repay me? She makes a mockery of me! So. Without further ado, my Ode to Georgia the Dog.



Indolent Georgia

I hope that I shall never see,

A dog more indolent than Georgie.

Who spends her days lollygagging around,

Eating dried up chicken bonbons from the ground.


Who smiles and coo’s so sweet for adoration,

Yet turns on me when mom’s on vacation.

Oh, the treacherous path she’s taken,

Even though her feet are knarly and misshapen.


My what a wicked web she weaves,

As she blithely practices to deceive.

I, the humble Harry, noble to the core,

Vow to set my course, Miss Georgia to ignore.


Evermore. Evermore. Evermore!

Self Absorbed Georgia


  1. Betsy says:

    Slef absorbed, perhaps. But, I ask you, WHO could resist that face?

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