Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Friday on the Plaza

Locals don’t tend to spend much time at the Plaza, especially during the day. Very little there is required for our every day lives. I happened to be down there for a meeting on Friday. I was early so I thought I would take a few touristy photos just to show you the Plaza on a pretty day in June. You can tell if I was facing east or west. The eastern shots show blue sky. The western shots show the smoke from the Pecos fire.

The Plaza is one of the few places you will find grass in Santa Fe. I had to resist taking off my shoes and walking on it, a flashback to life in the East. Workers were relaxing, eating their lunches.

A man was playing classical music on a harp.

A few yards away another man was singing a song about a girl who dumped him.

People were eating.

People were  buying jewelry from the Native Americans sitting under the portal as they have been doing for hundreds of years.

Across from the portal, other folks set up their art.

Need a souvenir?

Need your ice cream fix?

Every corner of the Plaza has a food cart.

Come back tonight, grab an ice cream cone, find a seat on a bench and listen to a local band playing at the grand stand while the vintage cars cruise by. That’s when you’ll see the locals.





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