Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Ask Georgia

Dear Georgia,

My wife and I are wondering how things are going with the new dog Sofie.

We are considering adding another dog and are looking to you for inspiration.

Is Sofie adjusting? Everybody getting along?


Wondering in Washington


Dear Wondering in Washington,

Sofie did get stuck in Harry the Cat’s house this week which cracked me up.

But she is really happy to be out of the shelter.

And we are all getting along just fine.

Go save a dog (ok, or even a cat) from prison today!

Love, Georgia


  1. Teca Tu says:

    That last photo is simply heartwarming! I am so glad to see that everyone has settled in so well, and so quickly. Great job Susan! Hugs to all the critter kids from us at Teca Tu!

  2. Jstro says:

    Georgia is so wise!!!

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