Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate


Santa Fe is a place short on parking spaces, a place where you say a deep thank you to the

parking fairy every time you successfully find a place within walking distance of

your destination. Because of that, shop owners guard their designated spaces.

The message on their NO PARKING signs may reflect their level of frustration with

the parking issue.

For example, my bank WILL TOW YOU QUICKLY! Seemingly, if you allow your tires to

hit their real estate a trip wire will activate the phone number of the towing

service and your car as well as the remainder of your day is history.

The athletes who run this bicycle store will indeed tow you, but not so quickly. You

may have ¬†time to race to Trader Joe’s for less than 15 items and run through the

express line in time to avoid the dread tow truck.

Now the amicable owner of Mail Call posted this sign in front of his store before he

moved. A certain civility prevails here, and you at least have options.

My favorite is Chico the Dog’s sign. I am pretty sure you will have time to

saunter down to Tia Sophia’s for a load of cheese enchiladas before Chico wakes up.

Even better, bring him back a treat and your car can stay put until midnight.

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