Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

A New Day

Greetings!  Time and tides pretty much picked me up and turned me around for the last few months, but I have landed now, ready to reboot Under Santa Fe Skies, if you will have me. Here is the plan.

Every Monday is now officially Memoir Monday when I will post a story written by one of my writing students. Trust me, you will thank me. My Thursday-ish post will focus on Santa Fe and environs. And blog star Georgia the Dog will put paws to keys and write her Ask Georgia column whenever she feels the urge or you send her a question.

I made one resolution for 2014:  Be happy. I know cultivating happiness is an inside job. I do. I also know that writing and reading the stories of others gets me half the way there.

So Happier New Year to you all. See you on Memoir Monday.


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