Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Ask Georgia

My person and I have a Sunday afternoon routine. Sometimes Sofie the Dog comes with us. Sometimes she doesn’t. We stroll just a few blocks to Sanbusco Center where we  walk around Teca Tu, my favorite store in the world. Check it out.

In fact, six years ago I was adopted right in front of the store. I was a little crazy eyed excited that day as you can see.

Normally our routine is  the same: We walk in the front door where all the toys are displayed.

My dear friend Mira comes around from the counter and gives me a treat. I love Mira.


We leisurely stroll by the rawhide.

We walk to the back of the store.

And I drink from this amazing water fountain that makes the water turn around and around in the bowl. I want one of those but have been informed it is not going to happen.

A few Sundays ago, we walked in and my person stops dead in her tracks a few feet inside. I pull to get to Mira and my treat but she is not budging. Then I hear her screech, “Oh look! Laaaaaambchop!”

She loses her mind. There is a basket of large ones and a basket of small ones. My person is transported back in time, telling Mira how she always watched Shari Lewis and Lambchop and even made her own sock Lambchop. I am thinking the makers of this Lambchop are really calculating, smart marketers to appeal not to me, Georgia the Dog, but to these baby boomers.

Eventually Mira does give me my treat and I have my drink of water. As we start to exit,  I can tell my person is still fixated on Lambchop. We almost make it out of the store when she picks up a small one…for me, she says..for Valentine’s Day.

I am not certain whose Valentine’s Day gift this is in reality, but I have come to like the little thing. We only take it off the shelf to play with it when Sofie is out on the patio; otherwise she who shows me no respect would steal this one, too.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. Remember, the best gift is rescuing a dog or even a cat from prison. You save a life and receive the gift that keeps on giving of unconditional love.



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