Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Eat A Meal, Spread Some Kindness!

Tomorrow,  Tuesday, November 17, is the big day to eat out at Joe’s Dining! Joe’s Dining will contribute 20% of the cost of your meal to the nonprofit Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding.

By my conservative guesstimation, over 1,500 of you reading this missive live in the Santa Fe/Northern New Mexico area. Let’s say one-fourth of you saddle on up to Joe’s Dining tomorrow.  (The other three-fourths of you better have a good excuse.) The money Joe’s Dining will contribute to Listening Horse will buy a whole bunch of apples and grain and whatever else Listening Horse needs to care for the sweet horses who are the heart of their program.

So, eat a meal. Spread some kindness. See you there.

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