Under Santa Fe Skies

by Susan Tungate

Best Drive Thru Window For Dog Biscuits

Georgia the dog here with my first tip for you. Every year the Santa Fe Reporter publishes a Best of Santa Fe addition  highlighting the places, restaurants, service providers and stores that locals rate as the best in Santa Fe. You should pick up a copy or check out their website. However, truth be told,  I always find it lacking for one reason. Year after year they fail to include a category for  Best Drive Thru Window For Dog Biscuits. I intend to petition them next year to include the locals’ favorites, but  in the event you live in Santa Fe or will be bringing one of my colleagues with you on your visit, I offer my own picks now as a courtesy. Without further ado,  I present Georgia’s Picks for Best Drive Thru Window For Dog Biscuits.

Third Place Winner is a tie with Walgreens and  the First National Bank of Santa Fe: They are both on the list because they are nice enough to think of us and go to the effort to buy the dog biscuits and hand them out. Truly, I give them big points for trying. But the truth is, these people hand out huge, very hard and very dry dog biscuits that wouldn’t soften if I dunked them for 30 minutes in my water dish. These things are bricks. Door stoppers.  I see the container coming down the shoot and I hear the thunk  as it takes a hard landing and my heart sinks. Because my person is great about taking me for a car ride now and again, and I want to encourage her to do so,  I try not to show my disappointment. I give a little half hearted wag. My person first uses her hands to try to  break off a piece for me. Then she slams the thing against the steering wheel and, as if encased in steel, that biscuit will not break. Since my person is thoughtful, she often has a little stash in the coffee holder of the good ones you will read about later. She usually places the big dry one on the floor of the car and hands me one of the little tasty ones. I wag my tail like crazy.

Second Place Winner goes to the Los Alamos National Bank: Now this bank has nice treats, not exceptional, but quite tasty.  The woman places a nice little Georgia size biscuit in the tray for me, very civilized. It appears to be the Milk Bone variety. I can chew it easily, it has a nice texture and pleasant aroma. I give them two little paws up.

First Place Winner goes paws down to Ohori’s, a great coffee place: They gently place in my person’s hand an exquisite organic morsel made by Paul Newman. Just melts in my mouth. The best part is they all find me adorable. Lots of praise for the beautifulness of myself, especially my smile. I am always sure to give them my famous 360 degrees tail wag in appreciation. As we leave Ohori’s drive thru window, I snuggle down in my chair, content.